The RTA Transit Access Citizens Advisory Board (RTACAB) advises the RTA Board of Directors and staff on issues related to the coordination of accessible public transportation services across the region, the provision and efficiency of other regional transportation programs, and the impact of the RTA’s policies and programs on the communities within the metropolitan region. 

The RTACAB is composed of professionals from agencies serving people with disabilities and older adults throughout the RTA’s six-county region, the Chicago Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities commissioner, CTA, Metra and Pace Citizen Advisory Boards chairmen, as well as chairmen of their respective ADA Advisory committees.

Archived RTA Transit Access Advisory Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes 

2017 RTA Transit Access Citizens Advisory Proposed Board Meeting Dates

Janury 17, 2017 RTA Transit Access Citizens Advisory Board Agenda

10-17-16 RTACAB Minutes

7-18-16 RTACAB Minutes

Voting Member
Greg Polman, Chair
City of Chicago

Lynn O'Shea, Vice Chair
Kane County

Jackie Reuland
DuPage County

Adam Ballard
City of Chicago

Samuel Knight
Will County

David Ogunbode
City of Chicago

Ashley Lucas
Lake County

Roxanne Calibraro
Suburban Cook

Scott Hennings
McHenry County

*To be appointed soon
CTA Citizen Advisory Board

Patricia Mahon
Metra Citizen Advisory Board

Shelia Schultz
Pace Citizen Advisory Board

Karen Tamley
Chicago Mayor’s Office for People With Disabilities

Marcia Trawinski
Pace ADA Advisory Committee- Chicago

Richard Bascomb
Pace ADA Advisory Committee - Suburban

Dorrell Smith
CTA ADA Advisory Committee

Jim Forte
Metra ADA Advisory Committee


*Pending Service Board Confirmation