2015 Regional Report Card and Sub-Regional Report Results

The 2015 reports review performance during a challenging year for the Service Boards.  Severe winter weather at the start of 2015 and low gasoline prices impacted ridership levels, which in turn affected many of the metrics we use to evaluate performance.  Lack of planned state capital funding diminished the region’s ability to advance capital programs and address state of good repair needs.  There were some positive results, though – the system saw vehicle reliability at a five-year high and each Service Board recorded improved fare revenues compared to 2014, despite a decline in regional ridership.    

Key takeaways from the reports:

  • In 2012, system-wide ridership was at its highest level in over 20 years, followed by decreases in 2013, 2014, and 2015 that were led by CTA bus.  However, in 2015 CTA rail again experienced its highest ridership since 1961.  Compared to 2011, system ridership decreased by 2.4%.
  • In 2015, for the fifth consecutive year, Chicagoland area transit passengers traveled over four billion miles.
  • Capital investment needs, which have been consistently underfunded, continue to be unmet and are negatively impacted by the lack of state funding.
  • Operating costs have been kept under control.  Over the five-year period, operating cost per unit of transit capacity (measured as seating and standing room) has remained stable when adjusted for inflation.
  • Each Service Board saw improved fare revenue in 2015 and over the five-year period. 


2015 Regional Report Card

2015 Sub-Regional Report Card

2014 Regional Report Card

2014 Sub-Regional Report  

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