Regional Transit Strategic Plan

In 2013, the RTA collaborated with the Service Boards, and stakeholders across the region, to develop the Regional Transit Strategic Plan, which was adopted by the RTA Board of Directors. The Strategic Plan presents a unified regional vision for the transit system and contains goals and objectives to guide the region’s transit activities going forward.

The plan describes four primary goals:

  • Provide valuable, reliable, accessible and attractive transportation options.
  • Ensure the system’s financial viability.
  • Promote a green, livable and prosperous region.
  • Continue to advocate for and be a trusted steward of public transportation.

The RTA uses the Strategic Plan to guide agency activities and funding priorities in its regional oversight.

The RTA also publishes annual Strategic Plan Progress Reports that describe how well the region is progressing toward the transit strategic goals.

2013-2018 Regional Transit Strategic Plan

Response to Public Comment and Next Steps

Regional Transit Strategic Plan Appendix

Regional Transit Strategic Plan One Page Summary