Capital Funding

Capital Funding

The 2018 regional Capital Program funding is $1.156 billion with a five-year Capital Program totaling $4.158 billion.

Approximately 56% of the 2018 funding is comprised of Federal Funds. Another 42% of funding consists of Service Board Bond Proceeds issued by CTA and Pace, which includes $179 million of the new CTA Bond Ground Transportation Tax. The remaining funding includes additional service board funds, and RTA ICE funds. Consistent with the previous three approved CapitalPrograms, this one does not include any new state funds. Lack of new state capital funding leaves transit agencies with significant unfunded capital needs. The region is facing a State of Good Repair backlog of $19.4 billion, which includes the projects that could not be completed on time due to the lack of capital funding. Unpredictability and instability of capital funding affects transit agencies’ abilities to plan and deliver robust capital programs.  

As in previous years’ programs, the primary emphasis of the 2018-2022 Capital Program is to continue to bring the system’s transit assets to a State of Good Repair (SGR), and increase capacities in markets with growing ridership.

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