Programs and Projects


Transit Signal Priority

The Transit Signal Priority (TSP) is a program that extends the green light of a traffic signal to allow a CTA or Pace bus to continue through an intersection when the bus is running behind schedule, helping to reduce travel times and ensure on time arrivals.

Interagency Signage

Getting around the region will be easier with the new wayfinding system consisting of signs, maps, route diagrams and schedules. Through the collaborative efforts of the RTA, CTA, Metra, Pace and some municipalities, customers can easily navigate the regional transit system, making transferring between services as seamless and intuitive as possible. 

Community Planning

The Community Planning program provides funding and planning assistance to applicants for implementation and planning projects that benefit the community and the regional transit system. The RTA has provided funding and planning assistance through the Community Planning program to over 100 local governments since 1998.

Innovation, Coordination, and Enhancement (ICE)

The Innovation, Coordination, and Enhancement (ICE) program is a program, established as part of the 2008 Mass Transit Reform Legislation. The program provides funding assistance to enhance the coordination and integration of public transportation and to develop and implement innovations to improve the quality and delivery of public transportation. Projects funded through this program advance the vision and goals of the RTA by providing reliable and convenient transit services and enhancing efficiencies through effective management, innovation and technology. 

Section 5310

 The Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program, funded by the Federal Transit Administration, is a program designed to improve mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities throughout the country, by removing barriers to transportation services and expanding the transportation mobility options available.