Transit-Oriented Development is one of the best ways to connect communities to our regional transit system

Veterans Day 2018

According to a recent MPC study, in a 10 year span, jobs were created at a much faster rate within a five-minute walk of a CTA or Metra station. Click here to read about the many benefits of placing development and redevelopment near transit. 


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Invest in Transit: The Regional Transit Strategic Plan

For years, funding has been wholly insufficient to operate and maintain your transit system. It’s time to act. It’s time to Invest in Transit.


Invest in Transit: 2018-2023 Regional Transit Strategic Plan

After two years of research, close collaboration with the CTA, Metra and Pace and outreach to a vast network of stakeholders, Invest in Transit: the 2018-2023 Regional Transit Strategic Plan draft, is now complete.  The public comment period has closed. The RTA Board of Directors will consider the adoption of the draft Strategic Plan at its January 18, 2018 meeting. 

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Transit Benefit Fare Program

Often called “transit’s best kept secret”, the RTA Transit Benefit Fare Program allows employees to use pre-tax deductions from their paycheck to pay for the purchase of transit fares— which will save them hundreds of dollars a year that they would otherwise have to pay in taxes.

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